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Before you shop online...
We recommend you check out

  • Shop online at Stand to Reason
    Books, tapes, and other resources. Excellent audio tapes available, particularly the annual Master's Series in Christian Thought. These are a must-have for every Christian.

  • Shop online at Ray
    Books, tapes, tracts and other helps designed to help you share the Gospel (Good News) of Jesus Christ. Comfort's approach and related materials offer a much-needed reformation in our witness for the God of the Bible and our need for forgiveness.

  • Dr. William Lane Craig - Integrated Resources
    Dr. Craig is a master of debate, and many of his debates are available through this site, as well as other great resources. Mail/phone order as of 11/5/99.

  • Shop online at Access Research Network
    Exceptional materials focusing in on the creation/intelligent design/evolution controversy. If you want to have a Christian understanding of origins, this is an essential on the list.

  • Shop online at Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
    Dr. Zacharias and his staff are particularly good at touching the heart and the mind at the same time, and their resources reflect that. Excellent audio and written materials. RZIM also offers training in Christian thought and disciplines - edifying and equipping the body of Christ to reach those in a secular culture.

  • Shop online at the Christian Research Institute bookstore
    CRI offers a nice collection of books to equip the believer to know what he/she believes and why. They often have special package deals on a topic or set of resources. Not just books, either!

  • Shop online at the Watchman Fellowship bookstore
    An excellent and comprehensive selection of counter-cult resources. Includes books, audio, and video tapes.

  • Shop online at Answers In Action
    Two thoughtful Christian apologists give their recommendations on a variety of topics. In reading their reviews, you immediately have a sense of confidence in the resources they've selected. I particularly appreciated the books recommended on Bible criticism - of which every Christian should be a master (but, sadly, very few are) - which I hadn't heard of before. Apparently they also have other resources which are available offline through a catalog.

  • Shop online at The Harbor Lighthouse
    Important resources from a number of scholars on a number of issues, made available by Dr. John Ankerberg.

  • Shop online at Breakpoint
    Special offerings from one of the most influential Christians today, Chuck Colson.

  • Shop online at Alpha and Omega Ministries
    Unique resources from Dr. James White, one of the foremost defenders of the Bible today, including its origin, reliability, and theology.

  • Augustine Fellowship
    Solid materials that can be utilized by the scholar, the student, and the layperson. Books, tapes, and other materials are available. Mail/phone order as of 11/5/99.

  • Shop online at Reasoning From the Scriptures
    Browse and purchase books (electronic books, too), study guides, and audio cassettes from Christian apologist Ron Rhodes.

  • Shop online at Discovery Institute
    Books on a number of issues, with a strong emphasis on science/intelligent design, confronting our culture and understanding of life and society today.

  • Shop online at Reasons to Believe
    While chiefly a site specializing in issues of science, faith, and origins, Reasons to Believe has put together an incredible and diverse collection of books, audio & video tapes, software, booklets, and other items - from beginner to advanced and everywhere in between. A great resource for Christians looking for thought-provoking and faith-building materials.

  • American Scientific Affiliation
    A few important resources, including Teaching Science in a Climate of Controversy. Mail/phone order as of 11/5/99.

  • Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity
    Scholarly books, booklets, papers, audio & video tapes, and other items for those who want to be equipped to deal with areas of vital concern (and of concern to everyone) in bioethics today. Mail/phone order as of 11/5/99.

  • The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform
    Resources for those who are serious about protecting the unborn through promoting discussion and changing public opinion. If you want to organize and launch an effective pro-life effort, CBR has the resources for you. Mail/phone order as of 11/5/99.

  • Shop online at The Claremont Institute
    Books and booklets on the American founding - the people, the principles, and the philosophical background to the acheivements. Picks up with other resources on statesmen like Lincoln and Churchill. Important works that demonstrate the necessary interaction between theology and free government.

  • Shop online at Focus on the Family - Resources for Citizens
    Materials that pick up where Citizen stops; for equipping everyone to be a more effective citizen, influencing the culture for the common good.

  • Books and Tapes from The Canadian Institute for Law, Theology, and Public Policy
    Books and tapes ranging from apologetics, human rights (particularly good), jurisprudence, and public policy - many of which are authored by John W. Montgomery, a first-rate Christian scholar. Mail/phone order as of 11/5/99.

  • Dr. J.P. Moreland Tape Ministry
    Audio tapes from one of the most prolific and effective scholars and apologists of our time, Dr. J.P. Moreland - also Professor of Philosophy at Talbot Seminary. Dr. Moreland has a unique passion for equipping both professionals and laypersons. He often has his hands in the most crucial and cutting-edge issues, such as personhood and the origins debates. Mail/phone order as of 11/5/99.

  • The Academy of Christian Apologetics
    Excellent lecture series on audio tape from top-notch Christian scholars. Mail/phone order as of 11/5/99.

  • Shop online at
    Books, audio & video tapes, and seminar sets (also audio) from the dean of Southern Evangelical Seminary and one of this century's most influential apologists, Dr. Norman Geiser. Resources address a number of topics, ranging from theology to bibliology to cults to prophecy to philosophy and creation/evolution.

  • Audio Mission International
    Thousands of high-quality audio tapes available from several ministries such as the highly-respected Veritas Forum - clarifying, exploring, and defending a Christian world-view. These recordings are a great resource. Mail/phone order as of 11/11/99, but online shopping is coming soon!

  • Shop online at Trinity Forum Publications
    Resources from Os Guiness's organization that seek to apply the wisdom of the ages to the issues of today: books, booklets, and audio tapes.

  • Shop online at Renewing Your Mind
    This site provides access to printed and audio resources from R.C. Sproul, on a wide variety of important topics. You can even download audio series directly into an MP3 player!

  • Shop online at Biblical Archaeology
    Books, videos, and slide sets that tie archaeological evidence to the scriptures.

  • Shop online for Books and Tapes at Walter Martin's Religious InfoNet
    Hundreds of resources from one of the greats of Christian apologetics, with a special emphasis on cults and the occult.

  • Shop online at Blackstone Audiobooks
    This is a secular site well worth mentioning for their extensive library of unabridged book recordings. Looking for another avenue to get at the Great Books, or for exclusively spiritual recordings in their entirety? If so, check out this site. Audiobooks are available for rental or purchase.

  • Shop online at the Foundation European Apologetics
    Bruno Granger's European site includes an English book list which details both a thematic approach to study, and an important list of new releases relevant to defending the faith across a variety of disciplines. Useful book reviews are made available by Mr. Granger through his personal page at

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