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Special Feature (11/10/99): The Kansas Controversy
Intelligent discussion on the Kansas Board of Education controversy.
These items are only available for a limited time.
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  • Dr. Phillip Johnson, "point-man" of the Intelligent Design movement, discusses the Kansas controversy with James Dobson of Focus On the Family Nov. 10 & Nov. 11. NOTE (1/13/00): These items are no longer available online. Focus On the Family offers recordings of these broadcasts through their Resource Center.
  • Phil Johnson article - The Religious Implications of Teaching Evolution
  • Michael Behe article - Darwin's Hostages: Hysteria and Intolerance
  • Roundtable discussion on Kansas, Intelligent Design, and Evolutionary theory in the schools, featuring Dr. Jonathan Wells and Dr. Stephen Meyer of The Discovery Institute. Listen as Wells and Meyer make the case for intelligent design in over two hours of RealAudio! (quality varies)
  • Expert responses to the Kansas controversy on Access Research Network. Both sides of the issue are represented.
  • A brief response to Kansas BOE from research organization Reasons to Believe.
  • Leadership University Special Focus: Science and Religion
  • The other side: A National Center for Science Education representative, dedicated to keeping evolutionary theory in schools, takes shots at creationists and intelligent design theorists ( RealAudio: ~15 min). How would you respond?

  • Check out our Science section and educate yourself on the relationship between Christianity and Science!

    TOP 10 Resources on Science, Faith, and Intelligent Design (a reader's list from beginner to advanced)

  • Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds, Phillip Johnson
  • The Soul of Science, N. Pearson, C. Thaxton
  • Touchstone Journal Special Issue: Intelligent Design
  • Three Views on Creation and Evolution, J.P. Moreland, J.M. Reynolds
  • The Genesis Question, Hugh Ross
  • The Creation Hypothesis, J.P. Moreland
  • Mere Creation, William Dembski, ed.
  • Christianity and the Nature of Science, J.P. Moreland
  • Darwin's Black Box, Michael Behe
  • The Design Inference, William Dembski
  • Purchase these materials through the science organizations listed in our Resources section!

    Be Salt & Light:

  • Become familiar with the organizations in our Science section, and with a few of the resources listed above. The first requirement is to be informed, articulate, and capable of educating others. You can do it!
  • Be on the lookout for origins-related issues (i.e. creation, evolution, intelligent design) in the news, newspapers, magazines. Keep excerpts or clippings for further contemplation and discussion. Make a phone call, write an editorial, or send email and make your viewpoint known. Once you're well-versed on the subject, write an Op-Ed.
  • Encourage conversation on origins issues - support the admission of Intelligent Design theory in the debate. Lead a small group discussion, teach a class in your church, and discuss the issue with your local school board, state Board of Education, and U.S. Secretary of Education.
  • Organize a group of scientists and scholars on the issue; Christian schools, colleges, and universities - even your own congregation - are a good place to start.
  • Support, through prayer and financial means, organizations such as Discovery Institute, Access Research Network, and Reasons to Believe.
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